Fret Trainer helps you memorize the frets, chords, and intervals.

Practice memorizing the fretboard piece-by-piece

Memorizing the fretboard is an essential piece of learning the guitar and other instruments like it. This can seem to be a daunting task for any guitar player, whether they are new or experienced. Fret Trainer provides the tools for musicians to take their playing to the next level by memorizing and quickly recalling notes on the fretboard.


Customize your experience by selecting which section of the fretboard you want to practice on. Practice the first frets, a section in the middle, or the entire fretboard. Choose from the many games available. You can even learn the notes on the musical staff

  • Choose how you want to learn. Simply find the note for the fret in the Name Note game
  • Or, inversely, find the fret for the note in the Color Matching game. Plus more!

63 different scales to explore in the Scale Explorer game. Fret Trainer lets you pick 1 of 62 scales with any root note and any tuning, and lets you explore the notes

  • Hide or color-code different notes / intervals in the scale to better see the scale's structure
  • Works for any tuning you want and any instrument

Keep track of your progress by viewing the statistics kept for each instrument, each tuning, and each fret.

  • Use the progress heat-map to see where you need practice
  • Tracking your progress optimizes your learning speed

Chords and Intervals

Memorize some chord patterns and memorize how to find intervals from your fret.


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